Video Ideas For Financial Sector Companies To Engage Your Audience

We live in a digital world today.

This means people have access to entertaining and informative media everywhere they go. At the touch of a few buttons, they willingly enjoy learning and experiencing through content found on social media, websites and more.

This is your audience.

You may be thinking: but, we’re a financial company

Our topics are dry, and people don’t actively enjoy learning about their Superannuation, mortgage loans or financial products. Right?

B2B customers won’t be able to feel emotion or get excited about financial topics. Right?

However, that’s not actually true

So long as you take advantage of the power of video today, all of this is possible.

Just because you’re in the finance sector, doesn’t mean your topic has to be dull or your story, boring. Done right, video can unleash the creativity that your corporate deserves and your customer will appreciate.

With well-produced video content, you can engage audiences and demonstrate the real benefits they have to gain from your services. It’s also cost-effective and quite simple too.

Why Video Is Important For Financial Companies

Your Financial Services company caters to a wide range of clientele. Without a strong connection to these clients and providing a create customer experience, there are a lot of opportunities for them to look at other options or feel disconnected with your brand.

Video has been proven to have a great result in both engagement and recall – which is why video has proven to be a popular form of marketing for both people and financial brands alike.

So, what can you create to draw attention and get people excited about your services?

Here Are 11 Video Ideas For Your Financial Company.

1. Brand Awareness Videos

Help people discover your value.

Colonial First State “Whatever Life Throws At You”

Building brand awareness is about allowing your wider audience to get to know your business on a more personal level by showcasing your company’s culture, values and personality.

A brand awareness video can help you gain trust because people discover more about who your company is, what it stands for and if they can relate to it.

2. Services Explainers

Highlight the benefits of what you do.

St. George “Invoice Discounting for Media”

Helping clients understand how you assist them is an important part of attracting and retaining their interest. Explainer videos create a relatable scenario that clarifies the services you offer and helps clients decide on which service best fits their circumstances.

3. Product Launches

Build excitement and awareness around new initiatives.

Westpac “Xplor For Schools”

Video is a great format to not only make a big impact, but also provide reference material that your audience can continue to refer to. This offers an opportunity to make a lasting impression with a fresh, new approach.

4. TV Commercials

TV commercials are the best way to reach a mainstream audience.

LG & Tonic the Agency “Love My OLED – Zbigniew”

TV Commercials (TVC’s) and Cinema Advertisements are one of the most effective ways to get your product or service to a mass audience. TVC’s give your brand a high level of credibility and builds brand awareness that is wide ranging. TV Commercials are also a perfect complement to a targeted digital campaign. We can create multiple versions at different lengths (15 sec, 30 sec and longer versions) so that you can turn your TV Commercial into a multi-platform targeted digital campaign without breaking the bank.

5. Testimonial Videos

Provide social proof to your audience.

World First “Anthony’s Story”

Video testimonials play a huge role in your brands credibility, as they provoke a better emotional connection, humanises your brand and greatly improves your exposure as prospects are far more likely to trust their peers. Therefore when it comes to a client’s buying decision, video testimonials will be one of your businesses best marketing tools.

6. Animated Explainers

Draw attention and teach in an appealing way.

Animation can be the most visually compelling way to engage with your clientele. In animation, the sky is the limit, therefore you do not depend on locations, actors or film crew, which means that we can create super creative, high end animations at a fraction of the cost.

7. Educational Videos

Get your clients up to speed with everything they need to know.

Colonial First State “How Much Will I Need For Retirement”

Educating your clients is a powerful way of letting them know your company cares. With video, viewers can comprehend and retain much more information than simply reading it in text. Educational videos are also a great way to maintain lasting relationships with customers, as it encourages interaction and visually displays your branding along with your message.

8. Situational Videos

Create relatability through visual scenarios.

People only engage with content that they find relevant to their lives. This is where situational videos that tell an applicable story, such as “I am getting divorced, what does this mean for my super?” can be very useful for a financial services business trying to connect with the average person.

9. Branded Podcast

Communicate with clients on the go.

Board Level Podcast powered by Commbank

Audible podcasts are a great approach to discuss in-depth topics, while informing and advertising your services to time-poor people. Through the power of voice and sound, you can connect with people in a convenient (and highly popular) way to convey financial news, FAQs and updates, all while they’re driving, doing chores or in transit.

10. Sales Videos

Pitch your products and services in a compelling way.

Finiverse – “Your Financial Universe”

People don’t like the pushy sales pitch any more. However, video offers you so many fresh and innovate ways to promote your brand, products and services that will engage and entertain them, leading to conversions.

11. Weekly Financial Updates Video

Let your clients in on the latest news and trends in the finance industry with a video update.

People like being kept up to date, but they don’t like being bored. Video allows you to inform your audience in an enticing way rather than just having the option of reading the column in the business section of the paper.

Financial information may not be for everyone – but with high-quality video, it can be.
As you’ve seen above, there are a lot of options to incorporate video content into your Financial Service business, all of which can improve your reach, traffic and client volume.

It’s Time To Explore Your Video Production Options

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Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

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