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Storytelling: Deconstructing the 15-second ad

Viewer’s attention spans are getting shorter; If you don’t grab their attention in the first few seconds, they will turn their attention to something else. Today, 15-seconds is the new 30 seconds. A well-crafted narrative structure is key to engaging viewers.  Let’s deconstruct the new storytelling narrative structure in the form of a 15-second ad. […]

The Importance of Video Content Ecosystems for Marketers

When over 90% of buying decisions are sub-conscious, what can we do as marketers to ensure our brands are selected at the point of purchase? According to neuroscience marketing, brands must first be in the consumer’s consideration subsets to be recalled at the point of purchase. But how do we get our brands there? The […]

Using Animation to Boost Your Marketing

Animation delivers complex messages in simple, engaging and easy to digest visuals and includes 2D and 3D animation, CGI (computer-generated imagery) and motion graphics.
As an alternate to live-action video, animation is a great tool for any marketing campaign. Animation is particularly effective for explainer videos, or videos where you need to communicate certain messages that would be difficult to convey using live action footage alone. Animation is a visual marketer’s […]

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