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Video testimonials play a huge role in your brands credibility, as they provoke a better emotional connection, humanises your brand and greatly improves your exposure as prospects are far more likely to trust their peers. Therefore when it comes to a client’s buying decision, video testimonials will be one of your businesses best marketing tools.

With 90% of consumers saying that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions (Dimensional Research) no wonder there is a 74% increase in product purchasing conversion when a prospect watches a testimonial video (People Claim).

At Two Giraffes, we are expert storytellers, which is why we are able to assist you in getting the most natural, emotive testimonial from your clientele. We are able to take the content and cut it in multiple durations (15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec or longer versions) so that you can utilise the testimonial for your next TVC, website or social media advertisements. This means you can use the testimonials in a multi-platform, targeted campaign without breaking the bank.

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Our Testimonial Videos

Tonic / LG "Love My OLED – Zbigniew"

TV Commercial

St. George "Invoice Discounting – Media"


UNSW "Industry PhD Zainab Mustafa"


The Yield "Sensing + Amy Houston"


University of Sydney "Mana Yura"


World First "Anthony’s Story"


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"Rather than the traditional corporate video,
we create cinematic, story-driven work."

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Creative Development

We understand that when it comes to your brand, you’re the expert. Therefore, we take our extensive experience in filmmaking and storytelling, combined with your deep knowledge of your brand to create unique concepts that engage, inform, inspire and sell. Already have your own developed concept, and just looking for a production partner? We can also help!



Our team will then shape the selected creative concept into a viable film. We would handle all services including script writing, storyboarding, scouting filming locations, casting, voice over and music selection and more. We pride ourselves in keeping timelines, deliverables and budgets under control.



Whether it is a scripted scene, in-depth interview or run-n-gun event filming, our production crew is equipped to handle it. That’s because we know every story is different, so we hand-pick our Directors & Cinematographers and crew for each project from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to be at the forefront of creative originality in every aspect of production.



Assembling your perfectly captured footage is a highly specialised skill and art form. Our editors are story-focused to ensure your video production is on message. We also utilise specialists in colour grading, sound mixing, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation.